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Raymond Ceulemans Ultra Thin Silicone Rubber Billiard Cue Handgrip 40cm

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Raymond Ceulemans Silicone Cue Handgrip 

Re-wrapping your cue is a complicated and expensive process, and most importantly, once your cue's original wrap gets worn-out, the collectible value of your investment got drop-down immediately. So, why not think miles ahead before you regret not re-wrapping your investment with this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip before you shot a nice game (to be specific, before losing real money from potential re-trade value)? 

Product Feature

  • Product Creation of Raymond Ceulemans with Official Trademark
  • Provide excellent protection for your be-loving cue collection, your cue will immediately shine & sharp again once you roll this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip on in 1 easy step - Roll & fit, that's it!
  • Made in the finest silicone rubberized material for an ultra-smooth gripping experience in ultra-thin texture, once you wrap this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip onto your cue butt section, you will immediately love the feel of it and wish you've found & tried this item earlier - Now it is not too late!
  • Pocket design for easy carrying and storage, the exceptional value of using this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip is totally remarkable when you have the need of traveling outside of the country with all your investment & collectibles, because of the protection it provides and the ultra-smooth texture that allows you to feel the grip of each tournament or championship in a sure win vibe - You've chosen the winner gear, now what's next?
  • One of the major features of wrapping this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip onto your investment is that you do not need to send your cues away and wait for a couple of days just to get some sort of " market price " updates from " some so-called professionals ", and more importantly, they don't guarantee your cue will feel or look the same as original - You've known some works are just mean to get it done simply because of a decent pay-check, not guarantee of perfection, right? 
  • The laboratory result shows that this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip can effectively protect your cue's original wrap to up-against the acidity of your hand-sweat during the intensive movement of each shot and to minus the chances of destroying your cue's original linen wrap or getting mushroom-like frizzy scratches by the movement of your holding hand of each play - If you play lots of games every day / week / month, you know what we talk about here, or maybe you don't yet, but we guarantee you don't really wanna try that out with your own gears!
  • The total length of this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip is 40cm, which is probably ( well, base on the research we did, it is absolutely ) the longest Billiard Cue Grip on the current market for easy & perfect fits onto cues from all major brands regardless of game types, designs or styles. But if it turns out your cue do not need the wrapping length of 40cm, you can always easily trim the excess length in just a snap with a normal scissor or with a household small knife by measuring the length that you actually need and roll the whole thing on just like a glove, no hassle at all!
  • Available in 4 colors collection from Black / Blue / White / Transparent, the material of manufacturing this Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Cue Handgrip is extracted from ingredients that's 100% earth-based and formulated in high-tech & stable resolution which guarantee that the finished product will do no harm to the human body. You can always trust the name of Raymond Ceulemans as a legendary guideline of knowing what it takes to play a successful game of billiards. By all means, if you are passionate about improving your skill and technique in the game of billiard and looking forward to perfecting the future shots of your future games, this is the basic equipment you will definitely need as the first step of participating in that successful journey
  • Price for sold per unit, each package contains 1 pcs of Raymond Ceulemans Silicone Rubber Billiard Cue Handgrip per delivery


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