Social Rewards

Interested in get an extra 20% discount for simple sharing of your box? Follow these steps and find out how:

Step 1 :  Follow us on Instagram @westfairyshop

Step 2 (a) : If you had already purchase goodies from us before, please take a picture or record a short video of the Westfairy Box and upload it either on your Instagram or image section, tag #westfairyshop and leave a comment for sharing

Step 2 (b) : If you are just about to make your first purchase with us, please send us a message to get the reward code before creating a tag post, after receiving the reward code, you can create a post to say hello to us and include tags #westfairyshop #sayhello #firstorder to us on Instagram

Step 3 : Send proof of post creation to us via Instagram (westfairyshop) or to by providing a screenshot of the post creation, after the confirmation, we will follow up with you and your order to make sure the offer will be activated for your past/future purchase by refund or rewards