FAQs & Community

        • How does Westfairy.com works?

        Retail Purchase: Everything you can find within the retail storefront here at Westfairy.com are for the exact item you can order online and that's what you will received in your shipment, just like the way you buy from any other online shops, you can place an retail order with or without sign up an account with us, a confirmation email will be send direct to your mailbox once we received your order(s).

        Business Purchase: Most of our business offers are build for extra commercial values for business members only, to be eligible for placing business order(s) on Westfairy.com and received 24/7 customer support for your order(s), you need to contact us to set up an business account regarding level pricing and eligible offers for your business need in advance of placing order(s) in our website.

        • Do you set rules on ordering?

        Yes, we do have rules on limiting visitors placing orders regarding certain categories on the site, please refer to the following:

        Popular Goodies - No limitation at this time while stock available, however, we reserved the right of re-organizing a certain portion of inventory for our royal members with priority service and supplies during busy season or holiday period.

        Rare & Collectible Limited Edition - Limited to 1 per person. Our limited edition items are offered for members who have previous buying history with specific Brand(s) only. Reward goes to the best offer buyer by referring to the following factors: Time of Order Placement + Additional Bid + Member Royalty + Previous Experience with the Brand. In case you are placing the order(s) as a gift(s) for your family and friends, please contact us to assist with your order process, some limited edition items can be discover within the retail storefront of Westfairy.com and some are not, we reserve for special guests only.

        • Do you ship to locations outside of the United States?

        Yes, we basically ship to everywhere in the world as long as you can provide a deliverable address upon order placement, please refer to following definition of shipping types for more understanding of how shipping proceed by Westfairy.com

        Worldwide shipment: The business theory of Westfairy.com is to offer our royal audience with top-rated quality products from all around the world with dynamic shipping handling to ensure you, as our royal audience, received outstanding products with on-time delivery.

        Domestic & International Shipping: We define order(s) being shipped within the same country as Domestic and the rest as International. Westfairy.com reserved the right to cancel any order(s) / merchandise that may be subjected to restriction in any countries or cause inevitable national conflicts, we respect common rules of global trading convention and aim to build a trusted sharing community for audiences from all around the world.

        Delivery Timeframe: The delivery timeframe from shipping origin to final destination is always the most tricky part in international shipping but we never left this part behind, most of the order(s) will be carefully proceed within 12 hours upon official order placement and our shipping department will be able to update the tracking info to our customers at around the exact ship date, please refer to the tracking link send to your mailbox for delivery update and get in touch with our customer service team with any questions you have regarding specific package(s) and its delivery.

        Import Tax and Duties: International shipping cost, import tax, and duties will be calculated according to the final delivery location according to the delivery information you provide. Some countries have different import rules of a certain range of product(s) and we suggest you check with major international shipping carriers such as DHL / UPS / FedEx about the restriction or related information you might need for package(s) receiving.

        Tracking & Delivery: Customer(s) can always track their order status from our website via " Order Status " from our homepage and get real-time updates on their package(s), in case any issue(s) may occur during the tracking process, please contact West Fairy for additional assistance.

        • How long does my order takes?

        It depends on what you order and the inventory status of that item(s), you will received an email notification about the processing detail with approximate delivery schedule when we start processing your order.

        Domestic Order(s): If you live in the USA and the item(s) you purchased happens to have workable inventory located in our USA warehouse, then this is a domestic order and the handling date of your order(s) will be within 12 hours upon order placement, which is definded as SAME DAY SHIPPING.

        International Order(s): If you live in Germany and the item(s) you purchased are located in our Canada warehouse or anywhere outside of Germany, then this is an international order and the handling date of your order(s) will takes upto 24 ~ 36 hours upon order placement.

        • Additional help needed?

        If our list of FAQs do not contain the answer(s) you looking for, please contact hello@westfairy.com and we will get back to you within 12 ~ 24 hours upon receiving your inquiry.